CAFTA-DR Environmental Cooperation Program Implementers use outreach and publications to interest, inform and motivate people at all levels of society to participate in protecting, improving and conserving the environment. Through outreach, we foster a culture of environmental protection and compliance with environmental laws at governmental, civil society, private sector, and individual levels.

Our website publishes materials produced in whole or in part with CAFTA-DR Environmental Cooperation Program resources. Materials are organized below according to the Program’s four themes (click on the theme below to view available documents).

Institutional Strengthening

Biodiversity & Conservation

Market-Based Conservation

Private Sector Performance

Additionally, the Department of Sustainable Development of the Organization of American States (OAS-DSD) is assisting the CAFTA-DR countries in evaluating if and how the activities carried out by the countries in the region are contributing towards the achievement of the priorities established by the parties. To date, the OAS-DSD has completed four monitoring and evaluation reports summarizing the accomplishments of the ECP. The four reports can be found here.