CAFTA-DR Environmental Chapter

In CAFTA-DR Chapter 17, Environment, the CAFTA-DR countries agree to ensure that their laws and policies provide for and encourage high levels of environmental protection, to continue to improve those laws and policies and to not fail to effectively enforce them.

Environmental Affairs Council

The Environmental Affairs Council (EAC), comprised of cabinet-level or equivalent government officials, meets annually to oversee implementation of and review progress under CAFTA-DR Chapter 17, and to consider the status of cooperation activities developed under the Environmental Cooperation Agreement.

Unless otherwise agreed, each EAC meeting includes a session in which members have an opportunity to meet with the public to discuss matters relating to the implementation of CAFTA-DR environmental component.

Environmental Cooperation Commission

The Environmental Cooperation Agreement provides for an Environmental Cooperation Commission (ECC), consisting of high-level representatives from the relevant ministries or departments of each CAFTA-DR country, to supervise the development, implementation and evaluation of the CAFTA-DR Environmental Cooperation Program.

Designated representatives from those ministries or departments serve as general Points of Contact (POCs) for cooperative work under the ECA.

Secretariat for Environmental Matters

The Secretariat for Environmental Matters (SEM) considers public submissions on environmental law enforcement. Created under CAFTA-DR and operating under the sole direction and supervision of the Environmental Affairs Council (EAC), the SEM consists of a General Coordinator and his/her Technical Assistant, both of whom are appointed by the EAC for a two-year term, and other professional staff deemed appropriate by the EAC. More information on the SEM process may be found on its website.